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الخميس، 07 يوليو


Monthly Patient Case Conferences

Monthly Patient Case Conference

Case based format: •Well defined phenotypes/genotypes with cross-disciplinary manifestations •Unknown diagnosis with time-sensitive clinical queries

Monthly Patient Case Conference
Monthly Patient Case Conference

Time & Location

07 يوليو 2022، 12:30 م – 1:30 م غرينتش-4

Monthly Patient Case Conferences

About the event

Featuring: Adrian Lesmana, MD, FAAP, FACMG

with guest experts with Guest Expert: Lisa Forbes Satter, MD & Gina Ney, MD PhD

When Somatic Meets Germline: A Blurred Line


  • Illustrate the utility of somatic profiling in identifying individuals with germline predisposition to inborn error of immunity
  • Describe the landscape of mutational profile in pediatric lymphoproliferative disorders
  • Identify risks for immune dysregulation in individuals with Rasopathies

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