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Partner Organizations

Thank you.

The NICER consortium is only nicer because of the talents and contributions of our supporting partner organizations. We are grateful for their and openness to novel ideas as we collaborate to shape (and improve!) the trajectory of patient care and outcomes through education, community outreach and research together.

Clinical Immunology Society

NICER highly values interaction with our colleagues in the Clinical Immunology Society. We actively look forward to more directed collaborative efforts in 2022 and beyond as we both strive to serve the clinical immunology community and enhance the molecular understanding of inborn errors of immunity to improve patient lives.

Blueprint Genetics

NICER is excited to collaborate with Blueprint Genetics in the development of the Comprehensive Immune and Cytopenia Panel. Bringing this powerful new tool to our community is of immediate diagnostic benefit with implications for personalized treatment decisions for current patients. The new panel and collaboration also lays the foundation for valuable sequencing data, from individuals who consent, to be included in our NICER patient registry and facilitates our scientists’ ability to discover new genetic determinants of disease to inform future care. To learn more about this panel click here

Kovan Family

The NICER Consortium is grateful to have the enthusiastic and generous support of the Kovan Family, who share in the goals in re-shaping the future treatment for rare immuno-hematological disorders by advancing science and optimizing clinical care. Driven by their personal experiences, the Kovan Family has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to enhancing the resources of the NICER community.

Race for Immunology

Patients are at the core of everything we do at NICER and we are most appreciative of the time, energy and resilience of our patient advocates, including the Argirokastritis Family and Race for Immunology. We are committed to deepening our connections with patient advocacy groups and building on past successes to engage a diverse community.

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