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NICER – Malignancy in PIDD

Optimal treatment for cancers occurring in primary immunodeficiency disorder (PIDD) patients is not well delineated and complete information related to the mechanism of disease is not always available. The NICER-Malignancy in PIDD listserv was established to foster communication between providers caring for patients with PIDD and physicians screening for and treating cancers associated with PIDD. Researchers interested in PIDD and malignancy are also encouraged to join.

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NICER – Cytopenias

As cytopenias are becoming an increasingly recognized feature of primary immunodeficiency disorders, NICER-cytopenias listserv was created to connect hematologists with immunologists to optimize the management of complex cytopenias, enhance the recognition/diagnosis of PIDD in the cytopenia population and provide a nidus for new disease characterization both through robust clinical annotation and bench analysis.

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NICER – Immune Therapy Related Adverse Events

Immune based therapies are being increasingly utilized in rheumatologic and oncologic patient care and the appreciation for downstream immune-mediated complications and secondary PIDD phenotypes is growing. The NICER-irAE listserv was designed to provide a unified place of discussion for multi-disciplinary providers and researchers looking to confirm and grade irAE toxicities, better interrogate the mechanism of development of the irAE and to discuss management strategies.

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For NICER members interested in initiating a discussion for general primary immunodeficiency disease questions or for exploring genetic variants of uncertain significance, we recommend joining the active listservs maintained by our partner organization, the Clinical Immunology Society (CIS).

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Additionally, NICER members in-training or who have completed training within the past five years are encouraged to consider joining the CIS NIT/FIT listserv, while allied health professionals are recommended to join the CIS Allied Health listserv.

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Listserve Code of Conduct

By participating in the NICER-listserv platform, you are agreeing to interact in a productive, professional manner to enhance the care of patients, education in immune-hematology and to spark additional scientific investigation. Threatening, profane, offensive and/or illegal posts will be removed immediately and further participation in the NICER listservs may be terminated. The listservs are NOT to be utilized to post job offers, announce new products, provide promotional material or to solicit services. NICER reserves the right to remove all posts and related content that violates the intent and code of conduct expectations of the listservs. NICER maintains a public record of all posts and comments.

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