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LOI Submission

The NICER Community is invested in promoting research within the scope of Immun0-Hematology. Letters of Intent are accepted on a rolling every 3- month basis (March, June, September, December). 


Proposals should address important clinical research questions within immuno-hematology including but not limited to complex immune cytopenias, bone marrow failure, phagocyte disorders, hematopathology in inborn errors of immunity, lymphoproliferative and histiocytic disorders. Topics can focus on particular diseases, disease registries, laboratory or translational science. Funding for the study should be provided by the applicant. NICER will provide the cooperation of clinical investigators at multiple NICER sites in conducting the study, may be able to assist with database construction and patient sample acquisition if needed by the applicant, and may be able to provide genomic resources through a collaboration with Blueprint Genetics. 

Interested applicants should submit a 1-page letter of intent describing the project and how it would benefit both the applicant and NICER to collaborate on the project. Investigators submitting top proposals may be asked to present their project in person or virtually. 

Questions regarding your proposal may also be directed to Eyal Grunebaum or Lisa Forbes Satter (,

We can't wait to learn about your research ideas!

 March 2024 LOIs

NICER spring cycle LOIs are open for submission through Thursday, March 21st. LOIs must be submitted via the Google form link below:

NICER Research Retreat Call for Proposals (

What happens next?

Once your LOIs is submitted it will be reviewed by our Scientific Review Committee (SRC) to ensure that the content is within the scope of the Consortium's research interest. Proposals deemed of interest to NICER will be requested to submit a full written proposal and assigned a NICER advocate to assist you throughout the process. 

Please allow 2-4 weeks for the initial review.

Let's Work Together


Dr. Jennifer Blase, MD PhD for her successful LOI and proposal submission to NICER, " Screening for Inborn Errors of Immunity in Pediatric Patients with Lymphoma". 

Dr. Laura Bou-Maroun, MD for her successful LOI and proposal submission to NICER "Assessing Patient Response and Coping Related to Genetic Testing and Provider-Related Barriers to Offering Genetic Testing for Persistent/Chronic Immune Thrombocytopenia."

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