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Melissa Rose
Mar 06

Spread the word and please join the FIRST Joint Webinar for the North American Immunohematology Clinical Education Research Consortium (NICER) and Clinical Immunology Society (CIS)!

Date/time: Thursday, March 21 // 12pm-1pm EST

Title: "For whom different microbe bells toll"

Learning objectives:

1. Recognize different causes of neutropenia and its management,

2. Identify different genes associated with presentations with different microbial etiologies and associated autoimmunity and allergic disease

Presenter: Delena Nguyen, MD

Senior faculty: Natalia Chaimowitz, MD, PhD; Joshua Milner, MD; Kelly Walkovich, MD

Moderator: Joao Pedro Lopes, MD


Register here:

CIS - CIS Case Conference Webinar Series (



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