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The NICER consortium relies on the Executive Committee for strategic planning and to steward the consortium towards the fulfillment of the collective consortium vision. The Steering Committee serves as the voting body of the consortium with each institutional member recognized with an institutional vote generally cast by the institutional PI/co-PI.

Additional committees, including the Education Committee, Research Committee and Clinical Care and Communications Committee help shape the teaching objectives, investigative priorities and strengthen our relationships with our patient community and industry partners.

We are always recruiting new, enthusiastic members to join our NICER committees, so please contact us to inquire about available positions!

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NICER Committees

Productive committees rely on the energy and expertise of our members as listed below.

Executive Committee

Chair: Kelly Walkovich, MD (University of Michigan)

Members: Melissa Rose, DO (Nationwide Children's Hospital), Jim Connelly, MD (Vanderbilt University Medical Center), Christen Ebens, MD (University of Minnesota), Jolan Walter, MD phD (University of South Florida), Allie Remiker, MD ( Medical College of Wisconsin) Mark Dulchavsky, MD PhD (University of Michigan), Saara Kaviany, DO (University of Chicago) Evelyn Argirokastritis (Race for Immunology)

Steering Committee

Chair: Christen Ebens, MD

Voting Members:

University of Michigan

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

St. Jude

University of Minnesota

University of Chicago

Nationwide Children's Hospital

John Hopkins University

Cleveland Clinic

Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia

Medical College of Wisconsin

University of South Florida

Indiana University

Rainbow Babies

SickKids Hospital

Phoenix Childrens

Cook Childrens

Sanford Health

Texas Childrens

Washington University of St. Louis

UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

Non-Voting Advisory Members:

Patient Advocacy Organizations - Race for Immunology
Industry Partners - Ad hoc

Individual (non-Institutional) Members - Ad hoc

Education Committee

For 2024, we are calling all creative, educational minds to enrich the monthly patient case conference, design the 2024 NICER Hybrid Symposium, and start new peer-education initiatives (e.g. development of themed mini-symposia, invite-a-NICER-speaker program, Project ECHO education) and much more!

Chair: Melissa Rose, DO (Nationwide Children's Hospital)

Co-Chair: Christopher Failing, MD (Sanford Health)

Research Committee

For 2024, we are calling all detail-oriented, clever folks with experience in clinical care as well as translational/bench research to become engaged. Plans include: development of the overarching NICER research aims with identification of funding opportunities, advancing the NICER "parent" Patient Registry study with database development and inclusion of genetic/imaging data, and identifying currently feasible research opportunities.

Chair: Jim Connelly, MD (Vanderbilt University Medical Center)

Co-Chair: Xiao Peng, MD, PhD (John Hopkins University)

Clinical Care Committee

For 2024, we are calling all members with clinical expertise to come together to develop working guidelines and advance the mission of multi-disciplinary teams.

Chair: Saara Kaviany, DO (University of Chicago)

Co-Chair: Rohith Jesudas, MD (St. Jude Research Hospital)

Communications Committee

For 2024, we are calling all members invested in the important areas of patient advocacy, DEI and general communication to join this committee.

Chair: Allie Remiker, MD (Medical College of Wisconsin)

Co-Chair: Laura Bou-Maroun, MD (University of Michigan)

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