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UNHIDE Program

What is UNHIDE?

The Uncovering NICER Hematologic and Immunologic Disease Enigmas (UNHIDE) Program. A multi-disciplinary group of clinicians and/or scientists who are invested in the diagnosis and care of patients with known or suspected genetically-driven disorders of blood and immunity. This program was created to facilitate the sharing of expertise and resources for care of these complex patients. Our goal is to help providers and families in any way we can.

Who is eligible to apply for an UNHIDE consultation?

At this time, we are asking that all consults be submitted by a provider within a NICER institution. If you or a family member have a suspected immune-related condition, please ask your provider(s) to consider applying to the UNHIDE program.


Why should you apply?

You are a provider with challenging questions related to the diagnosis and/or management of your patient.


How does the UNHIDE process work? 

First, you will fill out the Pre-Consultation Form. The UNHIDE committee will review your request and respond by email within 3-4 weeks of receipt. We will do our best to prioritize the review of time-sensitive requests, so please make sure to indicate this on the form. 


There are one of three outcomes from the initial review.


1 - Acceptance:

If accepted to the UNHIDE program, you will be sent follow up instructions and asked to present your patient at a scheduled meeting. You will also be assigned a NICER Advocate who will help you navigate this process and prepare your presentation. Your NICER Advocate will follow up with you at 1 month post presentation, and 6-month post presentation to discuss how your patient is doing, any additional questions that arise, and also to provide a feedback survey.


2 - Request for more information:

If there is a request for more information from the UNHIDE program, you will be sent follow up questions regarding the case and a timeline to provide re-submission.


3 - Out of current scope

If we determine that the UNHIDE program is currently unable to help you, please re-check our website periodically as we are continuing to grow our platform.

How will I use the advice in my direct patient care?​

  • This is a provider-to-provider consult and we have not had the opportunity to speak with or examine the patient. The ongoing management of the clinical concern(s) discussed in this consultation are the responsibility of the requesting provider. We have asked the requesting provider to contact us if there are further questions.


Who can I reach out to with more questions or concerns?

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